• Ephesus Digital Learning


    We are what is called a 1:1 school, which means every student has access to a device for instructional purposes. All students in kindergarten and first grade use iPads, second grade students use touchscreen Chromebooks, and third through fifth graders use regular Chromebooks. These devices stay at school unless we are directed otherwise by the district in special cases, such as potential severe weather or remote learning days.

    When students are enrolled in CHCCS, a G-Suite account is automatically generated. Not all educational Google products are available for student use. Your child's teacher can share with you which ones are most often used for instruction.

    We have many more digital learning and teaching opportunities at our fingertips. We work together as both a school and district to screen websites and apps for your child's data protection. If a particular resource is assessed to have potential benefits for learning but requires parental permission for use with children under 13, we adhere to the CHCCS district and board policies for Technology in the Educational Program.


    CHCCS Technology Responsible Use Policy

    If for some reason, you would prefer for your child not be a participant in technology-enhanced learning, you have the option to print this District opt-out form and return it to the school personnel listed. We work closely with parents and families to address any concerns you have about CHCCS digital learning and teaching. You can also see the CHCCS 1:1 website for more information.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
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    Your child's teacher can provide specifics about what resources are being used. While many digital resources are used district-wide and throughout the grades at Ephesus, our educators are trusted professionals who choose the appropriate resource for the learning goals in the classroom.

    Keep in mind that a child's perception of what they do on an iPad or Chromebook may differ significantly from what the teacher knows they are learning.  Our teachers continue to sharpen their skill sets to help transition our digital natives from tech consumers to creative learners with digital integrity.  We encourage you to have conversations with your child about what they "did" today, how they solved challenges.