• 1. When is the Morris Grove library open?

    Answer: The library is open daily from 7:40 am until 2:30 pm.  

    2. When can students come to check out books?

    Answer: Our library operates on an open circulation policy. Library volunteers are available each day to help students with checkout as noted on our circulation calendar. Staff members can bring students to the library at any time during the school day. 

    Fourth and Fifth graders may also come in the library before the first bell rings at 7:40.

    3. How many books can students check out?

    Answer: Kindergartners check out one book at a time and first graders can have up to two books at a time. Grades 2-5 may check out three books at a time.

    4. How long can students keep their books?

    Answer: Books check out for two weeks. Each book has a card stamped with the due date. Students may renew an item once for an additional two weeks.

    5. What if a student has an overdue book?

    Answer: At Morris Grove we don't charge fines for overdue books. I do send reminders home when a book is overdue. At the end of the second quarter students must clear their library accounts before checking out new items. At the end of the school year, report cards are held for students with missing books.

    6. What if a book is lost or damaged?

    Answer: Accidents can happen! Students are expected to pay for or replace lost and damaged books. Please come see me if there are special circumstances that may prevent payment for an item. If the lost book is found and returned during the same school year I will send a refund home.

    7. What are Playaways?

    Answer: Playaways are audiobooks recorded on MP3 players.  They are available to students in Grades 3-5. Students provide their own earbuds or headphones. Because of the cost of replacing a lost or damaged Playaway, students must return the Playaway contract with their signature and a signature from their parent or guardian.

    Additional Information for Fifth Graders

    Fifth graders are given the responsibility to check their own materials in and out. They may come to do this after 8:00 when the library doors are open. If they see the yellow sign on the door it means the library is closed.

    Fifth graders are also invited to join the Morris Grove Library League as Morning Helpers and Shelf Adopters. Information on this fun contribution to our school is shared with them at the beginning of the year!