• Will the school operate on a traditional schedule?  
    Yes, the school will operate following the same time of operation (7:25-2:35pm) and schedule as other elementary schools in the district.  In the future, the School Improvement Team may explore the options of a year round school with the parents and staff, but that is a decision that would be made for future years.

    Will the school have after school programs?  
    The school will have the CHCCS Community Schools Afterschool program, like other elementary schools.  The planning will also explore various extra-curricular activities that will support language use in Spanish and English (e.g. dance club, science club, book clubs, etc).  

    Are there summer programs?  
    Frank Porter Graham will have summer programs, similar to other elementary schools.  The offerings not only support proficiency development in English, but also in Spanish.  Thus, some students may enroll in a summer language class, similar to camp that immerses students in Spanish to provide additional vocabulary and fluency practice.

    What subjects will my child study?  
    Children will be taught the same North Carolina curriculum that other elementary schools teach, like reading, writing, math, science, social studies, health, the arts, etc.  The difference in the dual language school is that some subjects are taught in English and some subjects are taught in Spanish.  For example in our 50-50 classes in Kindergarten, the reading, writing and word study instruction is in Spanish and the math, science and social studies instruction is in English.  This varies by grade level but students are exposed to all subjects in both languages during the PreK-5 experience.

    What electives will my child have?  
    The school will receive the same allocation for electives as the other elementary schools (art, music, physical education and world language).  Art, music and physical education are taught like in other schools.  World language instruction is a cultural enrichment course that supports the development of cross cultural competence.  This courses offers students experiences with drama, dance and the arts from around the world.  Some electives are taught in English and some are taught in Spanish.  

    Will there be gifted and special education services?  
    Yes, all services provided in traditional schools will be provided at the magnet school.  The supports may be offered in the language of core instruction or in the language most needed by the learner.  For example in grade 3 math, the gifted education teacher may provide math enrichment in Spanish since math is taught in Spanish.  Yet, the special education teacher may provide math resource support to a native English speaking 3rd grader in English and Spanish.   

    We already speak Spanish.  Will the program be too easy for my child?  
    No, the content is delivered in such a way that challenges all learners.  For native Spanish speakers, the conceptual development and literacy skill enhancement in Spanish greatly support academic acceleration for Spanish speakers, while they are also learning English.

    Will my Spanish-speaking child learn English?  
    Yes, research supports that all ESL students acquire English skills in a dual language program.  However, the speed and rate of English acquisition is not as rapid as students who are immersed in only English.  However, the Spanish speaking students, while learning English, are developing strong literacy and concept skills in Spanish.  

    We don’t speak Spanish/English at home.  How will I help my child with homework?  
    In the early grades, teachers send home reading books and materials in both languages.  By the end of second grade, students generally do not need the scaffolding of the other language and comfortably are able to read and understand directions in both languages and can explain the homework to parents.  However, if parents need the language support, the teacher is happy to send homework in both languages.  We also recommend that all families have an English-Spanish dictionary.

    Is there a PreK dual language program?  
    Yes, there will be a PreK/Head Start class. Enrollment and admission is handled through the CHCCS’s PreK/Head Start department.  Some students are eligible for Head Starts, others More At Four, and others pay tuition like at a community preschool.

    Where will my child attend middle school?  
    Students in dual language at Frank Porter Graham will continue their dual language experience at Culbreth Middle School.

    How do I apply?  
    Complete information on how to apply to the program can be found on our Application Page.