Our School's Mission

  • Mission: Phoenix Academy High School mission is to provide students with a highly structured, cooperative environment that assures academic achievement, promotes personal motivation, and renews active participation in their educational process so students can transition successfully to post-secondary educational and career opportunities that provide for well-balanced lives within the broader community.

    Motto: “Where success is made simple and education is personalized.”

Our School's Vision

  • Vision for Equity and Excellence: Phoenix Academy High School believes that all students can achieve educational excellence in a positive, challenging educational environment, which stimulates their interests, channels their energies, and develops their abilities.  Phoenix Academy High School strives to value each student’s perspective (including racial and cultural perspective).    

    Beliefs: Phoenix Academy High School believes each student should be accepted and treated with dignity and respect.  This non-traditional school uses as an educational model “brain-based learning” so there is no way that a student can be marginalized or have lower expectations because of race, school history or anything else.