• Glenwood STEAM2 magnet school is a full magnet school serving Kindergarten through fifth grade students.   Please visit our STEAM2 Magnet Information Page to learn more about our program! 

    Glenwood Elementary School is the oldest school in the Chapel Hill Carrboro City School System. Built in 1953, Glenwood was a welcoming community gathering spot to those who lived nearby.  While buses and carpools transported children to school in it's earliest days, many children enjoyed walking or biking to school due to Glenwood's location in the community.  Today, many children still enjoy walking, biking or taking the many trails that surround Glenwood to and from school. Over the years Glenwood has experienced many renovations and continues to touch the lives of students and their families in this community.  "Once a Gator, Always a Gator"


    Student Arrival/Dismissal Schedule

    Students may begin arriving at 7:20 AM and are considered tardy after the 7:50 AM bell.  Student dismissal begins at 2:35 PM. 


    Glenwood School Song



    Dear old Glenwood we are proud of you

    As we raise our voices high

    You are noble, true and dear to us

    As we praise you to the sky

    You bring laughter bright and smiles so true

    and friendships long year through

    Dear old Glenwood you will always be

    the number one for me