Ephesus Learning Landscape

  • Ephesus Campus Plan : Vision and Goal

    Our aim is to harness and enhance the school's outdoor spaces for the benefit of our children.  The outdoor spaces will be developed to:

    • Encourage the physical and mental well-being of children. 
    • Maximize the educational opportunities by connecting our children to nature, and connecting our outdoor spaces to the school curriculum. 

    wide view of student choice of playground equipment

    Summer 2014 Plan for the grades 3 through 5 Play Area


    Ephesus was focused on making an impact on the grades three through five play area for the start of the new school year in August 2014 by

    • installing a play structure that would complement and contrast the grades K through 2 play area.
    • using natural materials to lay out pathways on the grades 3 through 5 play area as indicated on the master plan.

    We were successful!  

    a conceptual plan of the third through fifth grade play area Thank you Ephesus Families and Neighbors!

    Because of your generosity, we now have $45,315 in our campus plan fund. We are so appreciative of our families and community members' support of our first project. We expect our new playground structure was installed during the week of July 7th. Thanks so much!

Master Plan

  • A Master Plan for the Ephesus Campus

    Open our Our Overall Plan Document 

    With money raised through school efforts, Ephesus Elementary contracted with NC State’s Natural Learning Initiative, or NLI, to develop a master campus plan for Ephesus.

    Headed by Dr. Robin Moore, NLI has invested time in getting to know our campus, and the needs of our children and staff.

    These efforts have resulted is a master plan for the Ephesus Campus.  Download our Plan Here for : 

    • Overall master plan
    • 3-5 play area plan
    • K-2 play area plan


    The Master Plan will:

    • guide the overall development of the Ephesus campus to ensure it meets the School’s vision.
    • facilitate the undertaking of short or long term campus projects that retain the principles of being connected to children’s health.
    • inspire parents and staff to engage in developing areas of the campus, whether it is on a small or large scale.

    aerial view of Ephesus land with a key  

    Empowering Parents and Staff

    Use the campus plan to identify a theme and/or an area, small or large, that you would like to develop. We will provide the necessary assistance to help identify resources to pursue funding (if needed) and project execution.


    Supporting and Facilitating Campus Development

    Funding remains the main barrier to fully implementing the campus plan. However, it is our intention to support the efforts of parents and staff by providing the necessary resources to seek and secure funding.

    This includes a list of grant opportunities, and  ‘ready to go’ information, narratives and justifications to help write grants.


    Ongoing efforts for Master Plan:

    • complete fencing around 3-5 play area: Capital request to CHCCS
    • land and utilities survey of campus: request to CHCCS 
Area Plan drawing for the K 2 Play Area
drawing of the 3 through 5 play area
  • Small Project Ideas

    Link to Kaboom Enhancement Projects

    Community-built playspaces aren't just for kids! A few simple additions to the area around your playspace — like benches, shade structures, and murals — will transform it into an inviting community space. This website features step-by-step instructions that include shopping lists, skill level, and even a recommended number of volunteers.

    Link to other grant resources list