Feeding Team

  • Role of the Feeding Team
    The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Feeding Team is a multidisciplinary team designed to provide support to preschool, elementary, and secondary students who may be in need of intervention to ensure they are able to eat safely and/or to eat in a developmentally appropriate manner as it relates to the school setting.  Physical therapists are also part of the team as indicated.  Parental and medical provider input is a core component of the evaluation process.  Follow-up support and training is available on an on-going basis by request.

    The Feeding team will also assist in the development of IEP goals related to addressing a student's feeding progression.  

    If you require assistance with any feeding needs, please contact your school-based Speech Language Pathologist and/or Occupational Therapist first and they will provide the initial consultation. 
    When to Refer
    • Swallowing concerns;  frequent coughing, vocal changes, watery eyes when eating, noise respiration during or after eating, or diagnosis of aspiration by an outside agency.
    • Active food refusals during meal/snack time, disruptive mealtime behaviors.
    Common Feeding Issues
    • Oral motor weakness
    • Immature oral skills
    • Overstuffing/pacing
    • Oral sensory/processing issues
    • Limited diet
    • Poor postural control
    • Environmental/equipment issues
    Making a Referral
    Please make sure to contact your school-based Speech Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist first.  These staff members may be able to assist you with the feeding questions/concerns prior to making a referral to the Feeding Team.
    • Obtain Permission to test:
      • Signed DEC-2
      • Attach DEC-2 to the Referral Form
    • Complete Feeding Referral form and submit vial inter-office mail to: