Modified Diets: Frequently Asked Questions

      Meal Preparation in the Classroom FAQs

      • Are students allowed to prepare and eat foods in the classroom?

      • What foods are NOT allowed for meal preparation in EC classrooms?

      • Can juice be served?

      • Can eggs or egg products be served?

      • What types of foods CANNOT be served?

      • Can students microwave food if it is part of a life skills goal?

      • Are students allowed to sell foods prepared in the classroom?

      • Can foods left over from a student’s school meal or snack be saved?

      • Can we serve foods from school gardens to students who require accommodations for special dietary needs?

      Medical Statement Form FAQs

      • Where will the Medical Statement form be "housed" in CHCCS?

      • What if there is no Medical Statement yet it is evident he/she may have special dietary needs?

      • What should school personnel do if told by a parent/guardian that a student has Unique Mealtime Needs and there was no Medical Statement available?

      • Who may write a Medical Statement for a student with a disability?

      • How much time does the LEA have to provide the student with the modified diet or texture change after the Medical Statement form has been submitted to the appropriate school staff?

      • May a school nurse write a Medical Statement if there is a need for a food consistency modification for a student with a disability?

      • What should the Child Nutrition administrator do when it appears that the Medical Statement may not be completed by a licensed physician?

      • If diet order instructions are written on a prescription pad (and signed), do we still need the signed Medical Statement?

      • The Medical Statement only specifies the medical disability and not the required food substitutions. What should the Child Nutrition administrator do?

      • Is a Medical Statement required for a student having an allergy and a learning disability or can the 504 Accommodation Plan/IEP suffice?

      • Who may write a Medical Statement for students without a disability?

      • What professionals are considered recognized medical authorities?

      • How can I locate a pediatric registered dietitian (RD) or licensed dietitian/nutritionist (LDN) in North Carolina who may serve as a resource for providing special nutrition services to students?

      • Can a parent withdraw a Medical Statement (e.g., the parent does not agree with physician orders written for texture modification or tube feeding)?

      • If the school uses a health form must the Medical Statement be completed?

      • How often should Medical Statements be updated?

      • If parents provide food must the Medical Statement form be completed?