Modified Diets & Medical Statements

    What is a modified diet?
    • Meal preparation that is specially ordered for a student based on a disability or medical need
    Who is eligible for a modified diet?
    • Any student who is unable to eat regular school meals due to a disability or a food allergy are allowed food substitutions when requested by a parent/guardian and documented on a Medical Statement for Students With Special Nutritional Needs for School Meals / Spanish is completed and signed by a recognized medical authority and submitted to the school nurse.  A “disability” is not limited to Exceptional Children students; it may include a student with a food allergy or other health condition.
    • The school nurse will provide copies of the forms to the CHCCS Child Nutrition Dietitian, Lynne Privette, and to other identified staff who may need information about the student's dietary status. 
    • Once a meal substitution is made, the school must be allowed time to implement the change. The parent is responsible for providing the food until the change is made.
    • Every effort should be made to ensure that all students have access to eating in the cafeteria, the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)
    Modified Diets for Exceptional Children Students
    1. The parent/guardian will complete all items of PART A of the Medical Statement
    2. Once PART A is completed, Part B of the Medical Statement must be completed by a licensed healthcare provider
    3. The parent/guardian will return the completed Medical Statement to your School Nurse
    4. A school team, including the parent, will convene to consider the information provided on the form.  The parent may invite people from the community who are knowledgeable about the child’s feeding and nutrition issues to the meeting.  This may be people who could help school staff design a school mealtime plan for your child, like your child’s pediatrician, nurse, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, registered dietitian or personal care aide.
    Medical Statement for Students With Food Allergies or Other Medical Conditions
    • Even if no special dietary accommodations are necessary during the school day, no documentation of food allergies or food sensitivities will be maintained by Child Nutrition without a written medical request for food substitution, signed by parent and licensed healthcare provider
    • Click here for After-school guidelines for dietary modifications

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