In addition to the demands and objectives of a standard course of study at Carrboro High School, the AIS program aims to create common threads across a student's experience that further develop them as globally-minded students and leaders. Our Vision, Mission, and Learning Objectives below are meant to illuminate these common threads.


    Our Vision

    The Academy of International Studies at Carrboro High School will challenge students to think critically about and make progress on global issues in order to participate meaningfully as 21st century global citizens and leaders.


    Our Mission

    With the support and guidance of the Academy of International Studies, students will engage in a course of study, extracurricular activities, travel, and service learning opportunities that cultivate global awareness and build the skills necessary to identify, reflect on, and address global issues.​



    Learning Objectives

  • Identify connections, think critically, reflect on global issues

    • Understand the cultural, environmental, political, social and economic context of global issues.

    • Evaluate the cultural, environmental, political, social and economic impacts of individual actions.

  • Cultivate a global awareness in students that recognizes and embraces multiple perspectives
    • Recognize and analyze how political, economic, and social contexts impact decision making.

    • Analyze diverse perspectives in order to identify points of agreement and disagreement and make new connections in light of the evidence and reasoning presented.

  • Empower students to participate meaningfully as global citizens
    • Create, participate in and reflect on opportunities to address global issues

    • Assess and propose informed actions that help sustain progress