CHS Student Services Mission Statement

  • We the Student Services department at CHS are dedicated to supporting all students' academic and socioemotional development, as well as assisting students with career and college planning.  We are united in holding all students to high expectations and supporting their maximization of their potential by serving the needs of our diverse population and fostering an environment of respect and safety. We will be leaders and advocates for our students, our school, and our profession, and we will help to engage, empower, and inspire all stakeholders - students, staff, parents, and community members - toward the end of our students overcoming obstacles and successfully pursuing their goals with confidence, integrity, and respect.

CHS Student Services Vision Statement

  • We the Student Services department of Carrboro High School are dedicated to a school community where all members of this family are safe, respected, and valued.  Our students will graduate prepared for productivity and continued growth in their future academic, career, personal, and social endeavors. Our students will be self-motivated, hard-working, accountable, able to problem-solve, resilient, and kind.

CHS School Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to build an inclusive school community that engages, empowers, and inspires our students.

CHS School Vision

  • Our vision is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who, with support and excellent instruction, achieve their full potential. We will do this by providing a welcoming, safe, and encouraging learning environment through academic and social-emotional to propel them into their postsecondary lives.

CHCCS Mission Statement

  • CHCCS believes every individual’s unique background and culture enhance our schools. By providing students with a safe and joyful learning environment, we collaborate with families to create a community where all students, families and staff members feel affirmed and respected to develop their fullest potential.

CHCCS Vision Statement

  • Equipping students to navigate the world and make a positive impact throughout their life’s[sic] journey[sic].