• Steps to Getting a Driver's Permit or License

    1. At the beginning of the year, the Driver Education Coordinator at your school will make announcements about signing up for Driver Education and where students can acquire registration forms. Registration forms are always available at the main office of the school. Students complete registration forms and turn them in to the Driver Education Coordinator.
    2. The Driver Education Coordinator will contact students with their Driver Education class schedule and ask for confirmation of their registration in the class.
    3. Students complete the 30 hour classroom portion of the course with JDS Carolinas. During the regular school year, instruction is held after school in two and a half hour sessions. A DMV Eye Test is administered at this stage, as well. Summer and holiday break schedules vary. See JDS Schedules.
    4. After passing the classroom instruction portion of the course, JDS Carolinas will contact the student to schedule Behind-the-Wheel Training with one of their instructors. 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction is required to complete this stage of the course.
    5. Once students have successfully completed both the classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training, JDS Carolinas will issue a Certification of Completion to the Driver Education Coordinator at the school.
    6. The Driver Education Coordinator will then issue a Driver Eligibility Certificate to the students contingent upon their enrollment in the school and progress towards their diploma.
    7. Students may use this Certificate to apply through the NC DMV for a permit or a license.