Steps to Getting a Driver's Permit or License


    • Student registers for a driver education class on line at the JDSC Registration page.
    • The driver education coordinator will contact the student to confirm the registration regarding the class.
    • The student must successfully completes 30 hours of classroom instruction, a DMV eye test, and 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel training with JDS Carolinas.
    • Requirements for going to DMV for a permit: 
      • Must be 15-yrs. Of age
      • Certificate of Completion - issued by the driving instructor
      • Eligibility Certificate - issued by the School DE Coordinator
      • Birth Certificate or valid passport - No photo copies
      • Social Security Card - No photo copies
      • Students must be prepared for the sign test and 25-multiple choice questions and pass at 80% - information about the DMV tests can be found here.
    • The Driver Education Coordinator issues a "Driver Eligibility Certificate" to the parent.  The Eligibility certificate is contingent upon a student's enrollment in school and progress towards earning their diploma.
    • During the months of social distancing and health concerns, DMV requires appointments.  DMV has several locations closed and the other locations are working half staff.  When you try to Make an Appointment - check area locations.  DMV opens appointments according to their staffing.
    • Details of NCGDL Levels I, II, III

    For more information regarding eligibility and course details, go to the JDS Carolinas CHCCS school information page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I fail the eye test?

    Students who fail the eye test are issued an 804 form and have their vision specialist perform an eye examination. The vision specialist will fill out the form.  If corrective lenses are prescribed, the student is required to wear them anytime they are driving.  Email/Scan the completed 804 form to  or mail to JDS Carolinas at:

    Jordan Driving School of the Carolina
    PO Box 1982
    Rocky Mount, NC 27802

    Once JDSC receives the vision form from your doctor, the staff of JDSC must have the paperwork signed by the DMV representative,  Student will not be assigned for the driving sessions until this paperwork is completed.

    How long does it take to complete the course?

    The average time to complete the Driver Education class from registration through behind-the-wheel training, is about three months. Students involved in extracurricular activities may take longer than three months to complete the requirements due to scheduling conflicts.

    When should I register for the course?

    Students who would like to receive their permits by age 15 should register on or before they turn 14 years and 8 months old.

    Are there academic requirements to get a license or permit?

    There are no academic requirements to take the Driver Education course, however, the state requires students to be enrolled in school and have passing grades in at least five of seven courses to be eligible for a permit or license after completing the course.  Since the demand for the class is so high, the coordinators have been checking academic eligibility.  Students are advised at this time by the coordinator the student does not academically qualify at this time.  Should this be continued or not?

    What is the difference between the Driver Education Certificate and the Driver Eligibility Certificate?

    The Driver Education Certificate is issued by JDS Carolinas and confirms the student has completed the required classroom instruction, DMV eye test, and behind-the-wheel training. When the parent meets the school coordinator for the Eligibility Certificate, they must show the Certificate of Completion and their driver’s license

    The Driver Eligibility Certificate is issued by your high school Driver Education Coordinator.  Students less than 18 years of age must have this certificate to apply for a permit or license with the NC DMV. This certificate states that the student is passing at least five of seven courses and is currently enrolled in school. The certificate is valid for 30 days from the date of issue before it must be renewed.  Students over 18 must have their NC Permit to complete the drivings sessions with the DE program

    Where can I find out about the kinds of permits and licenses issued by the NC DMV?

    North Carolina DMV website explains the different levels of licenses issued by the state of North Carolina.

    Where can I find out about the DMV written & driving test?

    North Carolina handbooks and practice test  on the NC DMV website have free downloads of the Driver’s Handbook in English & Spanish, a sample written test, and study materials for the DMV sign test.

    How much does it cost to take the course and get a permit?

    Eligible CHCCS students (and other 9-12th grade students residing in Chapel Hill and Carrboro) can take the Driver Education Course one-time for free through the school district.

    The DMV charges a small fee for licenses and permits.  You can find the qualifications and fees at DMV’s license fees.

    • Graduated Licensing - Level 1: Limited learner permit - $21.50
    • Graduated Licensing - Level 2: Limited provisional license - $21.50
    • Graduated Licensing - Level 3: Full provisional license - $5.50/year