Homebound Policy & Overview

  • HCCS Policy 3136: Homebound and Hospital Instruction 

    Homebound Update Letter 8/17

    Program Eligibility

    Any student who is expected to be confined for four (4) weeks or longer at home for medical or psychological treatment, for a period of recuperation, or for temporary placement by an IEP Committee with district administrative approval.

    Program Objective

    The primary objective of Homebound instruction is to provide instructional services so that the student can return to school with the knowledge and skills sufficient to resume previous academic programming.  It is not intended to fully replace the regular education program.

    Homebound Priorities

    Some of the many indications for Homebound instruction include

    • accidents or injuries
    • surgery
    • extended illness
    • pregnancy
    • mental health
    • Exceptional Children's program placement

    Amount of Service

    Homebound instruction typically lasts a minimum of four weeks.  Approximately three to five (3-6) hours per week of direct instruction is provided, depending on the needs of the student and the number of courses in which the student is enrolled.