• Presenting Concerns

    The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Board of Education recognizes the right of students, parents/caregivers, as well as other individuals and groups to present concerns and complaints about school personnel, the curriculum/instructional materials, school services and/or school facilities.
    Those who wish to present a concern or complaint should express it to the appropriate staff member in this order:
    1. Staff member who is immediately responsible (such as a teacher, or the employee closest to which the complaint originated)
    2. School principal or principal's designee
    3. Executive Director of Elementary Schools or Executive Director of Secondary (middle/high) Schools
    4. Superintendent or superintendent's designee
    5. Board of Education
    For a detailed description of CHCCS communication protocol for responding to concerns and complaints, please see these additional resources:
    The Board of Education is committed to promptness and the fair resolution of concerns and complaints within 30-60 days or sooner whenever possible. When there are extenuating circumstances which prevent a resolution within this time frame, an extension of time will be by mutual agreement of the parties. In circumstances where danger to persons or property is involved, an immediate response should be made to the complaint.
    Any complaint about school personnel will be investigated by the administration before consideration and action by the Board of Education.
    Complaints about services or accessibility for students with disabilities should be addressed to the Division of School Support and Wellness or the Department of Exceptional Children.