• Welcome to Culbreth Middle School!

    At Culbreth Middle School, we are proud to provide a nurturing and dynamic learning environment that empowers students to excel academically, socially, and personally. Located in the heart of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, our school has a rich history dating back to its founding.

    Our History

    Culbreth Middle School was founded in 1970, with a vision to create a place where students could receive a quality education while developing the skills and values necessary for success. The school has been an integral part of the Chapel Hill community for many years, and its legacy continues to thrive.

    Our Mission

    Inspiring Excellence, Cultivating Character

    Our mission at Culbreth Middle School is to inspire excellence in every student, encouraging intellectual curiosity, creativity, and a passion for lifelong learning. We are committed to cultivating character by instilling values such as respect, responsibility, and resilience, preparing our students for success in a diverse and ever-changing world.

    Academic Excellence

    At the core of Culbreth Middle School is a commitment to academic excellence. Our dedicated team of educators is passionate about creating engaging and challenging learning experiences that cater to the unique needs of each student. Through innovative teaching methods and a comprehensive curriculum, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in high school and beyond.

    Student-Centered Approach

    We believe that every student is unique and possesses untapped potential. Our student-centered approach focuses on fostering a supportive and inclusive community where each individual can thrive. From a variety of extracurricular activities to personalized academic support, we aim to create a holistic educational experience that goes beyond the classroom.

    Community Engagement

    Culbreth Middle School is proud to be an integral part of the Chapel Hill community. We actively encourage and value the involvement of parents, guardians, and community members in the education of our students. Together, we strive to create a collaborative environment that nurtures a sense of belonging and shared responsibility for the success and well-being of our students.

    Get Involved!

    Whether you're a student, parent, or community member, there are numerous opportunities to get involved at Culbreth Middle School. Attend school events, join the Parent-Teacher Association (PTSA), or volunteer your time to support our vibrant school community.

    Thank you for being a part of the Culbreth Middle School family. Together, let's continue to inspire excellence and cultivate character in every student!

    For more information, please contact us or visit our school.