• Generally, school counselors are here to serve students across three domains: Academic, Career, and Personal/Social. Our school counseling program includes direct services like content instruction, appraisal and advisement, short-term counseling, and crisis responsive services. These could occur in individual, small group, or classroom settings. We also provide indirect services like collaboration and consultation with students' stakeholders, advocacy for students, and referrals for long-term and community support. Finally, we are also involved in data analysis and assessment (school and program), schoolwide system supports, and administrative and clerical tasks and fair share duties.

    Broadly, all students usually see us during at least one grade-level lesson each year when we deliver instruction on high school academics and career and college exploration and planning and again as a group and individually during course registration. Similar parent nights are held annually, sometimes in collaboration with the other district high schools. Other group or class content and delivery changes year-to-year based on student need.

    All students are encouraged to meet with their counselor (individually, or bring a friend!) to serve their needs, whether that's figuring out what to do after graduation and how to get there, dealing with something difficult, or goal-setting and strategizing about something important to you. We are here to see and hear you, to listen to you, and to help build your attitudes, knowledge, and skills however we can during this part of your lives.

    In the "Announcents and Upcoming" section of our front page, we aim to share links about our programming updated for that year. Our "Presentations and Handouts" on the left sidebar houses materials from parent and student programming. We usually publish a Calendar of Student Services Events for student- and parent-facing programming and events throughout the year. This Department Calendar gives a general overview of activities and responsibilities of counselors throughout the year. Finally, you can also see the District's School Counseling site and the resources they link to, as well as the links and videos for any district-sponsored presentations (like Gearing Up for HS and Paying for College [video, Spanish Presentation, Spanish Video]!).