COVID-19 Protocols 2023-24

  • In May 2023 COVID-19 was no longer considered a national public health emergency. The following information is intended to help our district address positive cases within or connected to CHCCS schools and offices in 2023-24:


    Are you sick? CHCCS will follow our current policy for staying home: Before returning to school, an individual must be fever-free (meaning your temperature is 100.1 or less), vomiting-free and diarrhea-free for 24 hours without the use of medication.


    Possibly COVID? If you are feeling symptoms of COVID-19, we recommend you test and stay at home until you receive your results. Note: The school district no longer provides at-home test kits.


    Are you COVID positive? We expect an individual who tests positive for COVID-19 to stay home for five days (the day of the positive test or the start of symptoms is considered “Day Zero”). Upon returning to school or work, we expect the same individual to wear a mask for five additional days.


    What about clusters? Schools and offices will still send notifications to staff and families if a school or work site has five COVID cases within a class/activity, or 15+ cases within a whole building. 


    Bottom line: We rely on staff, students and families to follow these recommendations and make good choices in order to maintain the healthiest possible learning environments for all.

    Questions: Please contact your school nurse.