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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Makes AIS Different?

    • “Teamed” Classes - Students in AIS will all be “teamed” in both the 9th and 10th grade years, with common teachers for their AIS core classes. This allows for more cross-curricular projects between the classes, closer relationships with their peers, and the ability of the AIS teachers to better support the academic success of students. 

    • Global Curriculum - Through participating in AIS, students will be exposed to a more global curriculum than a typical student at Carrboro High School. Not only do the AIS core courses incorporate more global content, students will also take additional global classes through their participation in AIS. 


    I Heard You Get to Go on Trips! Is That True?

    • Yes*! In years past, AIS has planned a number of trips. For example, the AIS 10th Grade classes have the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC. Travel for 2022-2023 will be contingent upon district guidelines related to COVID-19. 


    Are AIS courses harder than other courses?

    Not necessarily. Just like any other student at CHS, AIS students will have the opportunity to enroll in their 9th grade core classes (English, Biology, World History) and 10th grade English and Civics for either standard or honors credit. Rigor is certainly a part of the AIS experience, but only to the extent that our program asks students to think deeply about their learning and apply it to global contexts.