What We Do

  • A Globalized Curriculum

    The AIS program is centered around a globalized curriculum that seeks to connect classroom content to its global contexts. In doing so, our program has created an interdisciplinary approach that challenges students to view their learning as an interconnected endeavor in order to prepare them for an increasingly complex global society.

  • In addition to their classroom learning, AIS students participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that further their understandings of their local, national, and global communities. Such activities include our annual CHS CultureFest, Model UN Conferences and guest speakers.

  • Travel Opportunities

    Through participation in the AIS program, students are afforded the opportunity to travel to a variety of locations -- both as a part of AIS classes and through other CHS programs. Past trips have included New York City, Washington DC, and Ecuador.

  • Service-Based Leadership

    Throughout their time in AIS, students will be challenged to participate meaningfully in service-learning opportunities that attempt to make progress on global issues. In doing so, students will be developing their capacity as future leaders and citizens. As seniors, these efforts will culminate in an AIS Capstone Leadership and Ethics experience.