About Middle College High School

  • Middle College High School (MCHS) at Durham Technical Community College (DTCC) is an application based high school for juniors and seniors, at which students take a hybrid schedule of honors level high school classes and community college courses. Students can graduate with one or two years of college credit, and possibly an associate’s degree.

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What does Middle College High School Offer?

    Later start time—High school classes are from 11:00AM -- 4:00PM, and are taught on a block schedule. College classes are offered at different times of the morning, afternoon, and evening.
    FREE College Credit—Students may graduate with one year or more of transferable university credit. In some cases, students graduate with an associate’s degree.
    A unique and non-traditional academic environment—The school is situated on the campus of Durham Tech Community College (DTCC), providing a more open-campus and “collegiate” atmosphere, as students take their college classes with DTCC faculty and DTCC students.
    Small enrollment—Maximum enrollment is 200 students.
    Flexibility—Each student has a great deal of flexibility in creating his/her course of study.
    Durham Tech Community College —Students will have access to all DTCC facilities and services (libraries, labs, clubs, dining services, etc.)
    Associate’s Degree—Students may complete an associate’s degree within one year after graduating from MCHS - or simultaneously with their high school diplomas in some cases.