CHCCS Job Descriptions and Hiring Protocols

  • CHCCS Hiring Protocols

    In Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, we believe that our students deserve the best. In this essence, the Human Resources Division works with hiring managers across the district to determine the best fit for each position. Hiring processes are designed to ensure equitable opportunities for all candidates that attest to the knowledge, skills, and attributes of each applicant. Interview committees are composed of diverse groups of stakeholders who represent varied perspectives. Diverse selection committees encourage the honest and objective deliberation needed to ensure equitable hiring decisions. Interview teams use rubrics to focus deliberations on data and to encourage the objective evaluation of each candidate’s interview performance. The district utilizes a two-round interview process, and when necessary, third, fourth, or fifth-round interviews may be conducted. Additional interview rounds are typically completed for positions at the principal level or higher. 


    • First-Round Interviews: (all positions)

    Initial interviews include a variety of questions designed to assess candidates’ professional skills, dispositions, and knowledge related to the position for which they are being considered. This first-round interview is used to narrow the applicant pool. All candidates who interview for the same position respond to the same set of interview questions to ensure the consistency and fidelity of the interview process. Round-one questions are typically more general in nature, allowing the interview team to engage with applicants and assess their potential as a prospective CHCCS employee.


    • First-Round Interviews: (administrators)

    In addition to the information provided above for first-round interviews, administrators participate in multiple rounds of interviews that include a variety of stakeholders. For example, school leaders are interviewed by multiple diverse panels including students, staff, families, school-level administrators, and central office administrators. 


    • Second-Round Interviews: (all positions)

    A candidate who is selected to participate in a second-round interview is given the opportunity to share a presentation, complete a skills-based task and/or respond to scenarios aligned with the duties and responsibilities of the desired position. Second-round interviews allow the interview team to assess the candidates’ ability to apply the skills, knowledge, and philosophies discussed in the first-round interview. In a second-round interview, the selection team is afforded the opportunity to ask more in-depth questions and to follow up on "wonderings" from the applicant’s initial interview.  


    • Second-Round Interviews: (administrators

    In addition to the information provided above for second-round interviews, administrators are given the opportunity to address "wonderings" from the various panels of interviewers. 


    • Third-Round Interviews: (administrators)

    This process may consist of practical tasks that include site visits, engagement and communication with staff and students, classroom observations, discussions about real-life scenarios, identification of long and short-term goals for the school, review, and analysis of data, and a debrief with the superintendent.

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