Changing a student's legal or preferred name

  • Students have two names saved in the CHCCS Student Information System (PowerSchool).

    1. A student's legal name is the name that appears on his or her birth certificate, passport, or adoption decree. This is the name under which a student must be enrolled. Legal documentation (court order, adoption decree, certified birth certificate or passport) must be provided to change a student's legal name.
    2. A parent may request that a preferred first and/or middle name appear in PowerSchool. CHCCS does not have the ability to display a preferred last name. No documentation is required.

    To change a student's legal or preferred name, please complete the Name Change Form and return it and any required documentation (for legal name changes) to the Office of Student Enrollment & Assignment.

    You may email the form to or drop it off at Lincoln Center in person.

    A parent may change a student's preferred name for any of the following reasons:

    • A student is being harassed/bullied as a result of their legal name being displayed.
    • A student is transitioning and has requested to be identified with their preferred name.
    • A student is commonly known as and prefers to be identified with their middle name or a name that is not on their birth certificate or passport (legal first name).

    Legal Name and Preferred Name Display 

    The legal name will display in the following reports or systems:

    • NC Transcript
    • High School Diplomas
    • EVAAS
    • ECATS 
    • School Nutrition

    The preferred name will display in the following reports or systems: 

    • Report Cards 
    • Teacher Gradebook
    • SchoolNet
    • Canvas 
    • Transportation