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      Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring

      • MENTOR has created a list of National Mentoring Standards that help mentoring programs address the needs of mentess, mentors and families. 

        "Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™

        Fourth Edition

        MENTOR’s cornerstone publication, the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™, details research-informed and practitioner-approved Standards for creating and sustaining quality youth mentoring programs and consequently, impactful mentoring relationships. The Fourth Edition, released in September 2015, reflects the most up-to-date research, practice, and thinking in the mentoring field.

        The six evidence-based Standards are intended to be applicable across almost every type of youth mentoring program. Each Standard includes Benchmarks to ensure the safety and effectiveness of mentoring relationships, as well as Enhancements that may be promising, innovative and useful for programs. Additionally, a Program Planning and Management section offers recommendations for designing, building, and strengthening mentoring programs and services.

        In addition to the substantive content updates, this edition of the Elements has a vibrant new design full of color and images of mentors and mentees provided by our Mentoring Affiliates. It offers a sneak peek of exciting branding updates MENTOR is making in the coming months." - MENTOR

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      BRMA Enrichment Funds Requests

        • Parents, mentors, or Office of Equity and Inclusion staff members may submit requests for funds. Students may submit information as well, but only in conjunction with an adult sponsor.
        • Requests are reviewed by Office of Equity and Inclusion staff, and responses are usually provided within 1-2 weeks.
        • Funds are for use by students actively participating in BRMA programming.
        • Funds are used to fund “enrichment” needs such as summer camp tuition, lesson/class fees, sport participation fees, or for the purchase of equipment for sports, music, arts or other activity participation.
        • $250 per year per student.

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