• Guardianship is a legal relationship created where a person or institution is named in a will or assigned by the court to take care of minor children or incompetent adults

    Different Types of Guardianship:

    • General Guardianship: Appointed as both Guardian of the Person and Guardian of the Estate
    • Guardianship of the Person: Appointed solely for the purpose of performing duties relating to care, custody, and control
    • Limited Guardianship Tailored to fit the individual in the areas in which assistance with decision making is needed
    • Interim Guardianship Appointed when there is an imminent or foreseeable risk of harm to the individual or their estate
    • Website for more information on guardianship alternatives:

    Guardianship (Applying for General Guardianship - Orange Co.)

    1. You will need to acquire the following documents:
    2. Once the “Petition” and doctor’s note have been completed, call and schedule an appointment with Deputy Clerk at the Orange County Courthouse.
      • The deputy clerk's direct number is (919) 644-4536.
      • Once a hearing is scheduled, a Guardian Ad Litem will be assigned by the Clerk to the Individual.


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