Secondary Arts Courses

  • Arts Courses

    We offer full program sequences in visual and performing arts at all of our schools.  Secondary program sequences include:

    • 6-12 Band
    • 6-12 Chorus
    • 6-12 Orchestra
    • 6-12 2D Visual Art
    • 7-12 3D Sculpture & Ceramics
    • 6-12 Theatre
    • 9-12 Theatre Tech
    • 9-12 Elective Courses in AP Music Theory, Piano, AP Art History, and Globel Cinema & Filmmaking

    In addition, Chapel Hill High School is home to the Arts Academy, with offerings in

    • 9-12 Dance
    • Arts-Focused English
    • Arts-Focused Social Studies
    • Arts-Focused Science

    See our secondary course offerings HERE.


Honors & AP Courses

  • Honors

    Because courses at the high school level are proficiency based, all courses coded Proficient (P) or Advanced (A), are honors courses, and students will receive honors credit.  Honors courses are available in all arts subject areas - dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts. 

    Advanced Placement (AP)

    Advanced Placement courses are rigorous, and offer students an opportunity to complete college-level work in high school.  AP exams or portfolios are required.  Advanced Placement (AP) courses in the arts are available for: 

    • AP Music Theory
    • AP Art History
    • AP Art and Design (2D)
    • AP Drawing