District Web Page Standards

  • The school district has created a set of standards to support a consistent user experience across the district website.  These Site/Page standards govern:

    • Page Layout
    • Content formatting
    • Contact information
    • Document posting
    • WCM web apps usage


Page Layout

  • All district and school websites have a designated template theme overlay to provide consistent style, format, and appearance of all websites associated with the district.  Website and content managers are expected to maintain the homepage and page layout in a manner that is in line with the designed district structure.  There are assigned homepage regions for select content.  Homepage menu structure is pre-determined for each school level and each site is expected to maintain required components according to the outlined structure.  Individual content pages are flexible with the layout in order to effectively deliver the content.


Content Formatting

  • Content managers are expected maintain the format settings for text, color, fonts, and CSS styles in a manner consistent with the template.  All website colors have been determined by the district office to adhere to ADA Color Contrast and WCAG 2.0 contrast guidelines.  Website color changes can be requested and require the following approvals (in order): School Web Manager, School Administration, District Web Administration team (includes IT Department and Public Relations Office).  Specific methods for content importing are outlined and must be used help maintain compliance.

Document, Contacts, and Web Apps

  • All posted documents are expected to meet ADA compliance as well as multi-language support.  Content pages are required to start with an overview page that includes contact information for parties responsible for the content being delivered.  Only approved WCM web apps are allowed to be used.  Additional apps may be approved upon request to the District Web Administration team.