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    Yearbook Portraits Submissions 2020-2021


    To all students for the class year of 2020-2021

    We understand that for whatever reason you have decided to submit your own portraits to be included in the yearbook this year. Below are the instructions on how to submit your portrait. For students who have chosen to take their portraits with our vendor Strawbridge, we will use that photo unless the student chooses to submit their own photo instead to be placed in the yearbook. All portraits that are going to be included in this years yearbook must be turned in by January 31st. There is no exception to this deadline to ensure that we submit the photos in time for the yearbook printing. If you are a senior or know a senior who has been affected financially by Covid and would like to have professional portraits taken durning our scheduled student portrait time, including the sitting fee waived and formal dress supplied for the portraits, please click here and someone will be in contact with you to help with you finacial needs. 


    Guidelines for submission

    Please follow these guidelines when submitting your senior photo: 

    1. The photo needs to be a portrait or vertical photo. (Preferably 3×4 aspect ratio). 
    2. The photo should be in the highest resolution possible.
    3. The positioning of the photo should be from your shoulders up with space above your head; No full-body shots or close-up selfies!
    4. Be in front of a solid background with good lighting or outside with nothing in the background.
    5. Boys are to wear a collard shirt. It can be any color.
    6. Girls can wear dress or top that doesn't have spaghetti straps. It can be any color.
    7. Your photo must be in JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format.
    8. Your photo must be in color.
    9. Ensure that the camera is at eye level when you take the portrait.
    10. If your photo was taken by a professional photographer, you need to submit a copyright release for us to legally be able to print it. For more information about copyright releases, check out this resource
    11. Unfortunately due to the quantity of submissions there will be no retouching of Photographs.
    12. Once you photos have been uploaded they will be reviewed to ensure they meet these guidelines.  If for some reason they do not you will be emailed and asked to resubmit.

    Here are a few sample images of photo submissions:



    Please submit your Portraits here.