Degrees and Certifications:

Stefanie Mazva-Cohen

Ms. Mazva-Cohen has been in education since 1995 and a Culbreth Cougar since 2013. She hails from cities all over the South and Midwest: Atlanta, St. Louis and Dallas. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Missouri and her Master’s in Social Work from UNC-CH. 

Ms. Mazva-Cohen lives in Durham with her dear husband, two lovely teenage daughters, two sleepy cats, and wild dog Rudy. She loves to read lots of different types of books, plan and take vacations, cook and eat food, walk in the woods, watch movies and visit on the porch with her friends and family.

Ms. Mazva-Cohen’s love for teaching and education led her to school social work. School social work supports parents, students and teachers in removing all barriers that prevent learning and healthy development. 


Contact Information:

919.929.7161 ext 51114