Order yearbook


    Q. How do I order a yearbook?

    A. Yearbooks can be purchased online


    Q. How much is a yearbook?

    A. The early deadline to order a yearbook is October 23th, for a reduced price of $80.00. The next price will be $85 from Nov.-Dec. Then $90 in Jan.-Feb. Late yearbook orders will be March thru May 15 and cost $95. No order will be taken after this date. If there are extra yearbooks an email wil be sent out to offer sales.


     Q. What if I can't afford a yearbook?

    A. If you know a Senior or graduating student (including yourself) that have been affected by current events and wish to receive a yearbook at no cost, please click here


    Q. What if I want to donate a yearbook to a student that cant afford one?

    A. We would thank you for your interest in contributing to help seniors get a yearbook to celebrate their last year of high school. Please click here to sign up and someone will be in contact with you on how to donate a yearbook.


    Q. When do we get the yearbook? 

    A. The yearbook distribution will be at the end of the school year. Due to the uncertainty of being back in school in the spring, the plan to distribute the yearbook has not been finalized yet. Check back here for more information after January.  There will also be an email sent out when the information is finalized.


    Q. Where do I find information about submitting my own portrait for the yearbook? 

    A.Check our page on portrait submissions.


    Q. What if I have an idea or question about the yearbook?

    A Please submit your questions or ideas to echhsyearbook@chccs.k12.nc.us