• Staff Wellness Resources


    CHCCS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Work-Life Services (McLaughlin Young) - (800)633-3353, Mygroup.com

     To create your own EAP Portal: Mygroup.com, My Portal Login, Work-life (Username:chccs Password:guest)

    • Services are confidential and free (available 24/7/365)
    • EAP is not tied to the school district or your insurance plan(s)
    • EAP includes services for personal or work-related concerns, and legal and financial consultations
    • EAP services are for employees and household members, including college-age students
    • Up to 6 "visits" per issues; Unlimited number of issues per year w/ separate counting for all members of the family
    • Free unlimited telephonic legal and financial services, and free 30-min face-to-face legal consultation
    • Free downloadable legal forms and legal encyclopedia 
    • Free financial services include: bankruptcy prevention; credit report monitoring; debt management and planning; and general financial education (English & Spanish)
    • EAP services are offered telephonic or face-to-face w/ a state-licensed clinician (highest clinical credentials, w/ 5+ years of post-grad experience)
    • EAP helps connect you to local providers and can make referrals to other appropriate resources
    • EAP services can be used up to 60-days after retirement
    • Typical reasons for seeking services through EAP include: family problems/parenting; stress; work/family balance; relationship issues; work-related concerns; depression; substance use; grief and loss; elder care; crisis events and life skills; preventative and proactive self-care; marital and premarital counseling; and resilience and coping skills. 
    • EAP services start with an intake call initiated by the employee, and then include a Needs Assessment (1-2 sessions w/ a clinician), followed by either the development of a Problem Resolution Plan and Short-term Solutions-focused Counseling OR a Referral to appropriate resources (cost may be attached for additional counseling or services)
    • Work-life services are web-based, telephonic, or face-to-face resources
    • EAP website offers Free Features and Searchable database in English and Spanish that includes: webinars for learning and professional development; Will & Testament generator, TaxSlayer (file taxes for free), Savings Center (free discounts/coupons),  eLearning (professional development certificates), and article database on childcare, eldercare, summer camps, adoption agencies, education, pets, volunteer opportunities, etc.!

    Have questions about who to contact at the District for more information? Click HERE for the CHCCS Human Resources Directory


    North Carolina Psychological Association's Hope4Healers - (919)226-2002

    On August 17, 2020, Hope4Healers is expanded to include educators and all school personnel and families in accessing free, confidential brief therapy sessions to help manage stress and life challenges during COVID-19 pandemic while they work on the front lines as essential workers. Hope4Healers is implemented by DHHS/DMHDDSAS in partnership with the NC Psychological Foundation. Click HERE to learn more!