• Meet Our CHHS School Social Workers!



    Ms. Linda Martinez-Cervantes

    Student Assignments: A-K & ESL Students

    Office Phone: (919) 929-2106 #41278

    Email: lmartinezcervantes@chccs.k12.nc.us




    Ms. Teresa Pitts

    Ms. Teresa Pitts

    Student Assignments: L-Z & AVID Students

    Office Phone: (919) 929-2106 #41273

    Email: tpitts@chccs.k12.nc.us

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    School Social Worker Roles & Responsibilities


    We are licensed school social workers with Master’s degrees in Social Work. Our role is to serve as the link between school, home, and the community. We support students academically, emotionally, and socially and assist their families in order reduce high school drop out by providing the following confidential services:

    • Addressing attendance issues by working with students/families and connecting them with the appropriate community agencies to help improve school attendance. Referring to and attending Orange County Truancy Court. Preventing and recovering high school dropouts. Advocating for and assisting with student referrals to alternative high schools or programs (Phoenix/SPIRE).
    •  Assessing issues related to child abuse/neglect and referring to CPS/DSS when appropriate. Ongoing collaboration with DSS. 
    • Collaborating with DSS when students are taken into custody by helping students with their transition. Attending court mandated child-planning conferences.
    • Assisting with the various needs of teen parents and linking them with appropriate community resources to support them in staying in school. Facilitating a Teen Parent Support Group for pregnant and parenting teens. Collaborating with Adolescent Parenting Program of Orange County.
    • Working with homeless students/families by connecting them with resources that will help provide stability so students will remain in school. Knowledge of McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and collaboration with district liaison.
    • Assisting students with health services (i.e. referrals for eye exams/glasses and medical evaluations).
    • Collaborating with mental health professionals who are providing care to students at school or in the community and facilitating referrals to mental health providers. Coordinate referrals for school based, Co-Located Mental Health Services.
    • Providing various assistance to students/families (e.g. school supplies, free/reduced lunch forms, emergency assistance for basic needs, SKJAJA referrals (student enrichment activities), and PORCH & TABLE referrals (hunger relief assistance).
    • Serving as a Club Advisor for PORCH and Student Mental Health Club.
    • Making home visits in order to communicate with parents. Transporting students and parents as needed.
    • Providing crisis intervention and addressing student safety issues (e.g. suicide assessments, runaways, displaced families, domestic violence protective orders, etc.).
    • Collaborating with Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) on case management with students who are involved with the court system. Attending Youth Planning Conferences organized with DJJ and Family. Working with Orange County Teen Court.
    • Providing social emotional counseling, support, and advocacy for students. Facilitate weekly student support groups (SPARCS). Provide presentations at parent nights. 
    • Helping transition students back to school from Boomerang by attending family meetings and serving as their liaison.
    • Consulting with administrators/faculty to promote academic success and social emotional learning. Representative at Community Meetings (SART, APP).  
    • Completing social/developmental histories for students being considered for Exceptional Children’s services.
    • Member of the Student Support Team, MTSS, Care Teams (with School Administration), Safe Schools Team, and Equity Team.
    • Facilitating annual mandatory faculty trainings regarding: suicide intervention response, mandatory reporting of child abuse/neglect, domestic violence protective orders.


    Co-Located Mental Health Services


    Co-located Mental Health Services through Carolina Outreach is currently available at Chapel Hill High School. Colocated Services are designed to assist students who are experiencing challenges at school and/or at home that are interfering with their academic success. These challenges may include:

    • School avoidance

    • Symptoms of depression or anxiety

    • Frequent suspensions or detentions

    • Excessive worry, stress, conflict with peers and/or adults

    • Difficulty concentrating

    Please contact your school social worker, Ms. Martinez-Cervantes, LMartinezCervantes@chccs.k12.nc.us, or Ms. Pitts, TPitts@chccs.k12.nc.us if you think your student can benefit from services. Sessions will be held weekly in Student Services.