• Let's meet!

    You are always welcome to reach out to me with last-minute requests (literally), but I am not always available on short notice. Thus, the most reliable method is to reach out ahead of time and schedule a time to meet using my calendar on Calendly.

    Tim MacArthur's Tech Office Hours Calendly

    Other contact information:

    Office Phone: (919) 918-2200 x25095. Fair warning: I am usually not in my office. I do check the messages a few times per day most days, but this is not an effective way to get a quick response.

    Email: tmacarthur@chccs.k12.nc.us. I have this open nearly 100% of business hours and most non-business hours as well.

    Google Hangouts: Send me a chat message from the Google Hangouts box in our CHCCS Gmail. This is the best way to reach me with urgent requests.