• IT Support

    My role at CHS is designed to be instructional, and we are fortunate to have a designated IT Technician from Lincoln Center in our building, Scott Harris. He is the point person for all issues with computers, copiers (jams, toner, staples), printers, phones, internet/network connectivity, projection equipment, peripherals, Auxiliary AV Equipment, login issues (Google and Computer, not PowerSchool). 

    IT Support Requests and Protocol (Staff only)

    If you have an IT Support need, please follow the following protocol.

    All issues are to be reported by filing an IT Support Ticket. 

    1. Navigate to http://chccit.sherpadesk.com/.
    2. Click on Submit a Ticket.
    3. Enter your CHCCS Email Address.
    4. Select your best guess for Class and Subclass from the available dropdown menu options. In the event you can't determine how to classify the problem, you may always use the "Other Inquiry/Request/Report" option. 
    5. If possible, please include the Asset Information of the device (if relevant). This could be the Equipment ID of a printer, asset tag of the computer, etc.
    6. Type in an informative subject.
    7. In the body of the message, give as much information as you can. Please include any troubleshooting tips you have already attempted and detail any equipment or peripherals we may need to take when traveling to your location to diagnose the problem. 
    8. If available, attach a screenshot or picture of the issue by clicking on "Click or Drag files here to attach".
    9. Click "Submit My Ticket." You'll receive an email confirmation of the ticket submission. If you have any updates to include, respond to that email to update the ticket. This is the best means of communicating with the IT Staff who will be designated to assist with your IT Needs.

    IT Support Request (no ticket possible)

    In the event that entering a ticket isn't feasible, there are a few ways that you can contact Scott.

    Email: scottharris@chccs.k12.nc.us

    Phone: (919) 918-2200 ext. 25089

    Radio: If you don't have a radio, call the Main Office (x25900) and ask them to call him on the radio.