• CHCCS ITF-led Resources

    The secondary ITFs and other instructional leaders in the district led a series of remote professional development sessions over Google Meet. These sessions were intentionally targeted to help ease the transition into remote learning, but they also are great resources for obtaining the Digital Learning Competency (DLC) CEUs that you need for your teaching license renewal. The district has approved these sessions to each be worth 0.1 CEUs. Feel free to browse through the list of them and watch any that interest you. I may also refer you to one of them if you are interested in learning about a product that you haven't used before. While I am always happy to meet with you 1 on 1 to go over a new product, it is more time efficient to watch something that is already targeted towards CHCCS teachers on your own time, and then you can follow up with me.

    Here is the catalog of all of those sessions.

    Non-CHCCS Resources (approved for DLC CEUs)

    While my top recommendation is to take DLC 101 and 102 with CHCCS ITFs, I understand that the flexibility of online asynchronous learning can be required to get everything you need for license renewal. To that end, the secondary ITFs curated a list of resources that come pre-approved by the district as acceptable for DLC CEUs. The list is curated 2-4 times per year; please pay attention to the dates of the sessions. If you have any questions for me about what may be the most useful or interesting session to do, please reach out to schedule a meeting or for some suggestions.

    2019-20 External DLC PD Catalog - CHCCS

    Anything else?

    I'm always happy to discuss or develop a resource for anything else that you may be interested in. I think that the most useful solutions are the ones that you have recognized the need for yourself. Think about what the weakest part of the learning in your classroom is, set up a time with me, and we can brainstorm what solutions (tech or non-tech) there may be. I can refer you out to pre-existing resources, develop something for you, or we can decide to tackle it another time! I understand that teaching is incredibly busy and taxing (mentally, emotionally, etc), and so I would love to be able to take some of the burden of research off of you to maximize your efforts in other areas. If we do it right, you may be able to get DLC CEUs for your efforts.

    I am also the point person for PowerTeacher Pro training, website training, and web accessibility training. While outside of my official on-paper job description, I regularly assist with data analysis of a wide variety of projects. Please reach out to me if you would like to develop some analysis tools to drive instructional efficacy in your classroom. I have some training in Data Visualizations and Statistical Analysis, but I also am interested in statistical analysis in general; I would love to collaborate with you on this.