Written Public Comments

  • November 2023: CHCCS has suspended the practice of posting emailed/written public comments to the district website, pending further review and discussion. Emails to the Board can still be sent to allboardmembers@chccs.k12.nc.us.


    Watch CHCCS Board members and district leaders discuss the topic at the Nov. 2, 2023, work session (fast forward to 4:01:47)

    Recently, we’ve realized that the current practice of receiving and posting emailed/written Public Comment creates risks of releasing confidential or personal information. In October 2023, a writer emailed a public comment that was posted to the website which revealed identifiable information about a student. The CHCCS Board discussed assigning staff to review messages prior to posting, but the Board was advised by legal counsel to avoid making editorial decisions on what messages or parts of messages get posted, as that could introduce bias. In this context, CHCCS is revisiting the COVID-era practice of receiving/posting emailed public comments to the district website.

    What remains unchanged is our district’s desire and encouragement to hear from staff, students, families and the general public. Community members may always contact the Board and administration via:

    • In-person public comments
    • Email to allboardmembers@chccs.k12.nc.us
    • Email to individual Board members
    • Email to Superintendent
    • Email to administrative staff