• Reassignment Process Communication Plan

    No reassignment plans will be put in place without many opportunities for public input and participation.

    Community input sessions will be held at Lincoln Center and at sites throughout the district. They will be listed on the Reassignment Calendar page.

    Families and staff can expect to receive updates and meeting notices in their email. We will email you each time there is a new, substantive development. Updates will appear on this site throughout the entire process.

    Updates will appear on our two main social media platforms:

    CHCCS Twitter

    CHCCS Facebook



    If you or someone you know needs this information in a language other than English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Burmese, Karen, French, or Arabic please contact the International Welcome Center at (919) 918-2240 or iwc@chccs.k12.nc.us.

  • Send Feedback

    Opportunities are available to provide feedback at the public meetings listed or online at the email below.