• Update: Due to the pandemic, the Board of Education has postponed the reassignment process for one year. The reassignment is now scheduled to take effect in the 2022-23 school year.


    Key Dates

    • February, 2020-May, 2021
      Community and School Engagement on Priorities (Surveys)
      Survey 1 completed May, 2020
      Additional surveys and engagement continuing into May, 2021

    • July, 2021
      Data Analysis and Redistricting Options/Drafts Available

    • August & September, 2021
      Public Feedback/Draft Assignment Plan Meetings

    • October, 2021
      Board Review of Reassignment Plan

    • November, 2021
      Community Feedback and Review of Proposed Reassignment Plan

    • January, 2022
      Board Approval of 2022–23 Student Reassignment Plan

    • February, 2022
      Student Assignment Notification

    • March-April, 2022
      Activities for students and families
  • Send Feedback

    Opportunities are available to provide feedback at the public meetings listed or online at the email below.