• Hello CHCCS Families.

    We have now entered our third week of providing meals throughout the community, and I wanted to provide an update on how things are going, as well as how we plan to move forward.

    • Please know there are many, many people who have played pivotal roles in making this program a reality. In addition to the bus drivers, the child nutrition team, social workers, administrators, and other staff, our community has stepped up in a big way. We have a handful of local faith partners who have adopted meal sites and made sure that those sites are staffed every day with trained volunteers. We have additional volunteers who have signed up to fill in as needed. 
    • We distributer meals (that include a healthy lunch, a snack, and a breakfast for the next morning) to any child who shows up at our sites. We do not check to see if the child qualifies for a free or reduced lunch. Simply put, if they show up, we feed them.
    • There have been questions about the Stay at Home orders issued by our county and state. It is permissible for families to come to our sites to pick up meals as long as we all practice appropriate social distancing. The volunteers and staff at each site are able to assist with these precautions. 
    • While we believe our current model is working well, we may have to continue modifying in the coming weeks depending on a variety of factors. We will keep you posted on any significant changes to the process. 
    • We are currently operating at the following sites:

    180 BPW Club @ Carrboro High School12:30-1:00

    Airport Gardens12:15-12:45Berkshire 5412:15-12:45

    Berkshire East11:30-12:15


    Carolina Apt12:15-12:45

    Chase Park12:15-12:45

    Collins Crossing12:15-12:45

    Craig Gomains11:30-12:00


    Crestwood MHP11:15-11:45

    Dobbins Hill11:30-12:00


    Elliot Wood12:15-12:45

    Estes Park11:15-12:15


    Hilltop MHP12:30-1:00


    Lake View MHP12:45-1:15


    Pine Grove MHP11:30-12:15


    Rainbow Heights11:15-12:00

    Rangewood Community12:30-1:00


    Ridgewood Trailer12:15-12:45

    Rigsbee MHP11:15-11:45

    Rocky Brook MHP11:15-11:45

    Rogers Road12:15-12:45

    Royal Park11:30-12:00

    Tarheel Trailer Park11:15-11:45

    Trinity Court (Linsdey Street)11:30-12:00

    Village MHP12:00-12:30Winmore Community12:30-1:00

    Women's Shelter - Homestart Shelter12:15- 12:45