• Share your work. Share your mistakes. Share your successes. We are a learning community. What does that look like for everyone? 

    Share your work with me, have it featured!

    Share your work via email and I'll post the highlights on the library Instagram page and website. It can be art, research, writing, or any creative or strictly academic pursuit. Here are some ideas:

    • Share a drawing inspired by Jarrett Krosozcka's art lessons
    • Share a short story or poem inspired by Ms. Lane's PaNoWriMo and have it featured on the student work blog [Coming soon]
    • Write fanfiction based on a book you've read and have it featured on the blog
    • Create a 3D model and let the world see it when I post it on the Instagram page

    Follow @bibligrana and @smithmsmc on Instagram so you can see your work come to life. The link to the student work blog is coming soon!

    Flipgrid Book Talk

    Share a book talk! 

    Click here to record a video of yourself talking about a book that you think people should read.