Expectations Banner

    1. Complete 3 activities on the Learning Choice Board, created to last for approximately five to ten days
    2. If possible, read at least 20-30 minutes daily

    Grading and Accountability 

    Students should return completed activities to their classroom teacher when classes resume normal schedules.


    Each subject area teacher will communicate specific details with all students regarding accessing, completing and grading the assignments.  

    Teachers will expect the following from the students:  

    • Recognize that learning from home is serving as instructional time 
    • Check school email, Google classroom, Canvas, or other teacher directed sites regularly for any updated assignments and/or feedback
    • Engage in and complete assigned lessons from each subject area 
    • Dedicate 30 - 40 minutes per day per class to complete assignments
    • Communicate immediately with teachers regarding any barriers or obstacles to completing the assigned work (internet access, sickness, etc.)
    • Understand that assignments will be graded in each subject area according to the expectations your teacher outlines

    Students should expect the following from the teacher:  

    • To check emails and any digital platform for correspondence from students and parents
    • To review and grade work completed by students periodically and provide feedback and guidance as needed
    • To receive work that is aligned to current and/or future content in each subject area
    • To connect students to appropriate resources and/or other teachers (ESL teacher, EC teacher, ITF) if students experience difficulties with assignments

    Grading and Accountability 

    • Numerical grades will not be assigned during Phase 1 of At-Home Learning. Teachers will provide ongoing feedback to students on work submitted.