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    A Caregiver's Guide to Google Classroom  

    Google Classroom Student Tutorials (Translated into 11 languages)

    G Suite (Google) Learning Center 

    Google Meet for Caregivers: A Caregiver Guide for Getting Started

    Google Meet Guidelines (See Elementary Parent Letter)

    As with any classroom, the teacher will set clear guidelines for their online classrooms when using Google Meet.   Some of these guidelines for students may include::

    1. Sit in an area that has a non-distracting background, is well lit and as quiet as possible
    2. Mute your microphone when joining the meeting and whenever you are not speaking. 
    3. Turn off your video camera if other people are in the room or if your Internet connection seems slow. 
    4. Use the chat box on the side of the screen for academic questions or comments and/or if a teacher has asked you to type something
    5. Wear school-friendly clothing during your class
    6. Stay focused and limit multitasking (eating, texting, walking around). 
    7. When the live session is over, click on the hang up button at the bottom of the screen and close the Meet tab.  The teacher will be the LAST to end the call.


    Seesaw Overview for Caregivers


    Canvas Overview for Students

    Canvas Student Guide

    Canvas Video Guides

    Other District Subscriptions

    District and State Subscriptions

    Learn to Type


    Typing Club


    Dance Mat Typing


    Nitro Type  

    Digital Citizenship

    In addition to learning how to use technology tools such as Google Meet, Google Classroom, Canvas and Seesaw, remote learning is also a time to support our students in becoming stronger digital citizens.  Please help us remind our students of the following guidelines from our pre-existing Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Curriculum

    • We find balance in our digital lives (Media Balance and Well-Being)
    • We care about everyone’s privacy (Privacy and Security)
    • We define who we are (Digital Footprint and Identity)
    • We know the power of words and actions (Relationships and Communication)
    • We are kind and courageous (Cyberbullying and Digital Drama)
    • We are critical thinkers and creators (News and Media Literacy)

Additional Academic Support

UNC-TV and NCDPI At Home Learning Resource

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    UNC TV At Home Banner
    UNC-TV and the NC Department of Public Instruction are partnering to support school-age children learning at home by providing free, curriculum-informed, over-the-air content that is widely accessible to students—especially those with limited or no internet access.

    Each weekday, two blocks of programs on UNC-TV's North Carolina Channel will serve students: fourth through eighth grade, from 8 AM-1 PM, and ninth through twelfth grade, from 1-6 PM (actual times may vary, please check the weekly schedule online here) or click on one of the schedules below:

    AHL_Schedule_5_18-5_22.pdf (206.8 KB)
    PBS_DPI_Resources_5.18-5.22.pdf (479.2 KB)

    These educational program blocks are available on the North Carolina Channel, available statewide for free over-the-air, through cable providers and streamed online here.