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    Public Charge Rule

    • Latest update to Public Charge Rule (updated 2/24/2020)
    • "Under the rule, U.S.-citizen children and family members can continue to use any and all benefit programs without any effect on their family members’ green card applications" (Hawes, 2020).
    • "Family members of immigrants (such as U.S. citizen or green card holder children or spouses) should continue to access the benefits for which they are eligible.  Their use of benefits will have no impact on their immigrant family member’s green card application.
    • Most immigrants who may go through the public charge test in the future are not eligible for the benefits that are considered “negatively’ under the new rule, and so aren’t using them anyway.
    • Many key, important programs are not considered negatively under the rule, meaning people can continue to use them without concern if they are eligible.  This includes:  WIC, ACA/Obamacare, free/reduced price school lunch, Emergency Medicaid, Medicaid for pregnant women and children, FEMA, and more.
    • Many categories of immigrants are not subject to the public charge rule at all:  green card holders who are applying for citizenship, refugees, asylees, people applying for U visas for victims of crime, people applying for immigration status under VAWA (victims of domestic violence), human trafficking victims, people renewing their DACA, and more" (Woomer-Deters, Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project: North Carolina Justice Center, 2/24/2020)

    Kown Your Rights

    • Know Your Rights: Protecting Immigrant Families (PIF) Campaign
    • Information on Public Charge and Public and Health Insurance



    • Refugee Support Center (Carrboro, NC)
    • "to facilitate the transition of local refugees to a new life in our community by providing them services, helping them access resources, and developing their skills to promote self-sufficiency" - RSC



    • U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants - North Carolina Chapter
    • "For over 100 years, we have advanced the rights and lives of those who have lost or left their homes. We believe we have a shared responsibility to clear obstacles and uncover opportunities for people everywhere. So, when lives are uprooted by force or by choice, we fight alongside those on the path to independence." - CRI