Spring 2020 Professional Learning Catalog

Personalized Professional Learning Grants

  • New for 2019-2020! The Office of Professional Learning is excited to offer Personalized Professional Learning grants to all staff in our district! Our goal is to support our teachers and staff in achieving professional goals that impact student learning by providing funding for additional educational opportunities. With PPL Grants, CHCCS teachers can apply for scholarships to help offset the costs associated with unique professional learning experiences they would otherwise be forced to pay out of pocket. PPL Grants can support registration fees, the cost of substitutes, travel and other expenses associated with professional learning experiences. 

    Who can apply? 

    Any full-time CHCCS staff member can apply for a PPL scholarship. We have a limited amount of funding allocated to this initiative, so large requests may be partially awarded.

    How do you apply?

    All interested applicants should complete the PPL application at least 45 days prior to the event. Simply complete the google form application and you will be contacted with a decision within 10 days of submission. 

    What is expected of you if you are a recipient?

    All scholarship recipients will be expected to share their learning with others in the district. Your plan for sharing will be a critical component of your application.

    Do I have to have principal approval to apply?

    You should discuss your learning opportunity and intention to apply with your principal prior to completing the application. Additionally, you will have to follow standard procedures for your leave request and permission to attend PD from your principal/supervisor.

    Is there a limit to how often I can apply?

    Yes. You may apply for one scholarship opportunity per year (July 1 - June 30).