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    Children are naturally curious. They need opportunities to explore, discover and create.

    At Glenwood STEAM² Magnet Elementary School, we want to nurture this curiosity. We integrate science, technology, engineering, the arts, mathematics, and Mandarin to provide engaging, hands-on learning experiences that connect students with real-world challenges. 

    In addition to the NC Standard Course of Study, our curriculum includes an intentional focus on project-based learning that enables students to develop creative and artistic solutions. 

    Through either a dual language or world language pathway, all of our students study Mandarin, a character-based and tonal language that not only promotes brain development but also represents the number one language in the business community. 

    In a world that is becoming increasingly more connected, students need to develop a global mindset that prepares them to succeed in the most rapidly-growing fields. This is the mission of Glenwood STEAM² Magnet Elementary School.  

    We are InvestiGATORS.

    At Glenwood we Explore, Discover and Create  

    Language Pathways within the STEAM² Magnet Program

    As stated above, all students will study Mandarin, through either a dual language or world language pathway.  Students within the dual language pathway will receive 50% of their daily instruction in Mandarin. Students in the world language pathway will receive 90 minutes of Mandarin instruction per week. To learn more about Mandarin Dual Language click here.

    STEAM world language/dual language tracks

    For more information about how to enroll your child, please see the district’s Enrollment webpage.  If you are one of our current family members and have questions about reassignment, please visit the CHCCS’s webpage on Glenwood Reassignment