CHCCS Safety Procedures for Volunteers and Visitors

  • Visitors and Volunteers have many purposes for being in our schools, and our goal is to maintain a welcoming environment for everyone while also ensuring the safety of students and staff.


    If you plan to be in the schools to visit your own child or to attend a scheduled event, but do not intend to volunteer in any specific capacity or to work with students other than your own child, you will be considered a "visitor" and will be expected to follow the school procedures for visitors.  These are available at each of the schools.


    If you plan to be in the schools on a regular basis, as either a parent or community member, and will be working with students other than your own child, you will need to do the following:

    • Register as a volunteer through the CHCCS Volunteer Department (CHCCS Volunteer Registration)
    • Complete a Criminal Background Check (Background Check Form).  This can be completed through the CHCCS Volunteer Website.  Please note: Background checks may take up to 10 days to clear.  After clearance email has been received, volunteer badges may be picked up at the Volunteer Office.
    • Wear your District Volunteer Badge at all assigned times while on campus.  (Badges can be picked up at 125 W. Main Street, Carrboro - 3rd floor.)
    • Sign in at the front desk and enter your ID into the Ident-a-Kid kiosk.
    • Proceed to your assigned classroom or location.
    • Return to the main office to check out following your volunteer assignment.


    Chaperones must complete a background check if:

    • You will supervise students other than your own child on a field trip.
    • You will drive students other than your own child on a field trip.
    • You will share a room with students other than your own child on a field trip.



    The expectations for all CHCCS volunteers are as follows:

    • Stay in sight of a school staff member at all times.
    • Never take a student off campus without written permission from the parents and the school principal.
    • Maintain confidentiality - Information regarding students must not be shared with anyone outside of the school.
    • Wear appropriate clothing at school - Clothing that is revealing or advertises anything inappropriate for children may not be worn while volunteering.
    • Be sensitive to all of the students' various diverse backgrounds, cultural experiences, and achievement levels.
    • Do not administer medications or food to any student.
    • Cell phones should be turned off and put away while volunteering.  Do not take pictures of students at any time.
    • Do not exchange phone numbers or text messages with students.

    CHCCS are smoke-free, alcohol-free, and drug-free zones.

    If you need to miss your scheduled assignment, please contact the CHCCS teacher directly.

    If you hear or see anything that may be deemed a threat to the safety of students or staff, contact a staff member immediately and share that information.

    If there is a potential threat or unsafe situation and the school needs to "go on lockdown," your role as a volunteer is to follow the directions of staff until the lockdown has ended.

    To ensure the safest learning environment possible, we ask that all visitors and volunteers please enter the buildings through the Main Entrance at each school.  Staff entering buildings via other doors, please direct anyone who is not wearing a Visitor or Volunteer badge to the Main Office to check-in.

    Thank you for partnering with the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools to ensure that the safety of our students and staff is a priority.