Equity Coaching

  • Our Equity Specialists work closely with each school Equity Coach to provide direct support to each of our schools.  Equity Coaches meet monthly to collaborate and share important information across schools. See some of the work we've been doing together from the presentations below.

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      School Equity Coaches

      School Equity Coach
      Carrboro Elementary Janet Davis-Castro
      Carrboro High Anna O’Connell
      Chapel Hill High Erica Kenny & Nikèl Bussolati
      Culbreth Middle Megan Grimes & Heather Bucurel
      East Chapel Hill High Mintzy Paige & Shannon McGinnis
      Ephesus Elementary Jennifer Dykes, Marne Meredith, & Belinda Gonzalez
      Estes Hill Elementary Acea Ward & Corissa Gamble
      Frank Porter Graham Elementary Barbie Garayua-Tudryn
      Glenwood Elementary Robin Franklin, Brittany Parkins, Cally Stanford, & Carla Gilchrist
      McDougle Elementary Delia Hudson, Dana McCullum, and George Stackpole
      McDougle Middle Dana McCullum & George Stackpole
      Morris Grove Elementary Lois Jarrell & Kelli Smith
      Northside Elementary Tequila Powell, Ronetta Walker, Elizabeth Symons, & Kathryn Cole
      Guy B. Phillips Sharon Kolling-Perin & Audrey Dawson
      Rashkis Elementary Alice Langrall & Christina Royster
      Scroggs Elementary Sarada Dudley
      Seawell Elementary Roxana Rojas and Yolanda Grant
      Smith Elementary Suzanne Smith
      Phoenix Academy Zosha Silverstein-Belden
      UNC Hospital School Marny Ruben & Ginger Becton