Wireless Access for Personal Devices

      Personal Device Connections

      • As a courtesy to site visitors, CHCCS provides a publicly accessible wireless network for visitors to use (CHCCS-Public).  This network is not intended for staff and student use and has restrictions in place for CHCCS issued devices and accounts.  The district understands the pervasive use of cellular communication to keep families connected to one another.  To help support this, a dedicated network for staff and students has been created to support service gaps within schools.  For more information about this network, click on the "myCHCCSConnect Wireless Access" tab on this page.

      myCHCCSconnect Wireless Access

      • To accommodate cell service coverage gaps at district locations, CHCCS is providing staff and student personal phones access to the internet through the myCHCCSconnect wireless network. The number of devices per user is limited to maintain network optimization.  Device enrollment is required to connect to the network.  Access is available within wifi coverage areas. The district is providing this as a courtesy and connections are not guaranteed.  Additional device type access is allowed through an approval process for limited use cases.  Please click the "myCHCCSConnect Instructions" tab for additional instructions for connections and device waiver requests.