2021-2022 CHCCS iPad/Chromebook/Internet Hotspot Device Program

  • Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools has established a technology environment where every student is assigned a device and, if needed (6-12th grade and virtual programs), access to a student hotspot to ensure reliale internet connectivity at home. Our commitment to ensure digital access and connectivity to all students is extremely important to us. All students are expected to comply with the the expectations within Board Policy 3225: Technology Responsbile Use.

    K-5th grade

    Assigned for use at school unless participating in the at home Alternative Learning Arrangement (ALA) Program or sent home for COVID-19 quarantine.

    • Kindergarten and 1st grade - Apple iPad
    • 2nd grade -  Lenovo 300e flip/touch/tablet Chromebook
    • 3rd-5th grade - Lenovo 100e Chromebook
    • At Home Students - T-Mobile internet hotspots with unlimited data (1 hotspot per 3 CHCCS students in a household) - email your child's teacher, school social worker, school counselor or school Instructional Technology Facilitator to make your request.

    6th-12th grade

    Assigned for use at school and taken home each day.

    • Lenovo 500e flip/touch/tablet Chromebook with a writing stylus
    • T-Mobile internet hotspots with unlimited data (1 hotspot per 3 CHCCS students in a household) are available as needed -- email one of your child's teachers, school social worker, school counselor or school Instructional Technology Facilitator to make your request.
    • If you currently have a district device that you used for virtual summer education opportunities, it will need to be renewed for you to use for the 2021-22 school year school year. It is an expectation that all students and/or their family members pick up a district-provided device, so we can best support and manage your child’s technology-based learning experiences.
    • While we understand that high school students may need to use a personal PC or Mac if taking a college course, all in-district courses will use the Lenovo 500e Chromebook to take advantage of all of the new touch, tablet and stylus features.   
    • While there are no fees required to participate in the CHCCS Assigned Device Program, we do ask that parents/guardians help students take care of their devices and associated materials throughout the year and return them if withdrawing from the district or at the end of the school year in June.
    • Please review the Student Take Home Chromebook Program Handbook (translated in multiple languages) with your child.  This handbook provides information and expectations regarding device care during the take-home program. 

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How to Participate in the CHCCS Internet Hotspot Program and Expectations

  • Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) has partnered with the T-Mobile EmpowerED program to help meet student connectivity needs away from school. The CHCCS Connectivity Program supports the success of all students in the district by providing remote connections to our underrepresented families. CHCCS firmly believes that all students should have reliable secure access to the transformative power of internet access.The CHCCS Connectivity Program is available at all district schools. To enroll in the connectivity program, caregivers, students, or any staff member on behalf of the student can speak to the school Instructional Technology Facilitator, School Librarian, counselor, or social worker.  Device check out is managed through the school media center and recorded in the district asset cirtualtion system.  Loaned devices are subject to periodic status checks.  Checked out devices that are not being actively used will be recalled to help maintain availability to other student's in need.

    Important Reminders:

    • Do not loan your hotspot or charger and cords to others.
    • Do not leave the hotspot unattended in a public location, in a vehicle, etc.
    • Do not expose your hotspot to rapid temperature fluctuations.
    • Do not have food or drinks in close proximity to the hotspot.
    • Do not allow pets near your hotspot.
    • Do not leave the hotspot unattended on the floor or in a sitting area such as on couches or chairs.
    • Do not place heavy materials, such as books, on top of your hotspot.
    • Do not leave the hotspot unattended outside or use near water such as a pool or beach.
    • Do not check the hotspot inside luggage at the airport.
    • Do not transport your hotspot in an unprotected manner, such as an overstuffed backpack.

Use of Personal Devices

  • Every student will receive a district iPad (K-1st grade) or Chromebook (2nd-12th grades) that is optimized for all learning experiences.  Students are expected to use the district-provided Chromebook and CTE devices for instructional purposes because they are configured with all the necessary applications, links and security settings for learning

    Per Board Policy 4318, this program does not prohibit a student to bring their personal device to school. However, students will not have access to our district network in order to decrease security risks and increase network speed and student safety on our internal network.

  • How to reset a student CHCCS Google password

    Student passwords were reset to each student's PowerSchool number to prepare for the beginning of the school year.  Please follow these Student Password Reset directions before or after you receive a district Chromebook.  If you do not know your Powerschool number, you can receive it at the High School distribution event or your school.