• At this point, club requests have been closed. We might re-open them in January. 

    Are you interested in forming a student club? Well, you've come to the right place! 

    Fill out the form below and then email me (Mr. Graña) to let me know you've completed it! Here is my email address: ggrana@chccs.k12.nc.us

    So, what kind of clubs have we accepted in the past? Any kind of club that "fits" in the library. These clubs should be relatively low-key, low-volume, and be at least somewhat intellectually stimulating. Does the club enrich you, the library, or the world? If you can answer yes to these questions then your club might get accepted! 

    Check out this list below for an idea of some of the clubs we've had:

    • Dungeons and Dragons Club
    • Magic The Gathering Card Game CLub
    • Boardgame Club (we've had both boardgames playing clubs and boardgame creation clubs)
    • Santorini Club
    • Writing Club
    • Drawing Club
    • Plastic Bag Knitting Club
    • Anime Club (students in this club would discuss anime, read manga, and were sometimes even allowed to watch an episode or two)

    Club benefits include:

    • A pass that allows you to stay on Tuesdays for the entirety of lunch
    • The ability to meet with your friends to share time doing or creating something you love!